Our Promise

i smell great™ is the first and only perfume to use encapsulated scent spheres, a cutting edge approach to how we wear perfume. Our proprietary technology allows for our beautiful fragrances to be captured in microscopic spheres. Our laboratory then suspends the spheres in our fragranced products. What happens next is incredible perfume science that has never been seen before. All it takes is a bit of friction to release the fragrance from the spheres. Just a bit of rubbing on your skin, or a tousling of your hair, is all it takes to reactivate your fragrance. In our lush lip, reactive technology hydrates your lips and freshens your kiss, and our encapsulated spheres are activated with a lick of the lips.

i smell great™ encapsulated scent spheres contain the same gentle fragrance that is in our products, and we have created a way for you to enjoy our beautiful gentle fragrances longer, without making them stronger.

We think perfume should be something special and something personal. We do not think perfume should shout to the world. Shouldn’t a perfume be something that makes you feel great? We think a great perfume does not have to yell. A great perfume makes you feel great when you wear it. And, if you want to share that perfume with others, we think they need to come in close to experience it. Maybe just a hug, or cuddling next to someone you care about, is the best way to smell great to others.

We also believe that a great perfume smells like what it says on the bottle. Nothing more, nothing less. No toxic additives to falsely extend the life of the fragrance, or to make it grow stronger on the skin as the day wears on. Sometimes, a great perfume is what you are left with when you take away all the noise and leave behind a soft, simple and gentle fragrance.

Isn’t that great?