Laws of Attraction - Great in Bed Magnetic Body Fragrance [Feat Product Img]

Laws of Attraction

Magnetic Energy Body Fragrance

”YOU get WHAT YOU give”

Laws Of Attraction is a creation of sweet jasmine, violet sugar, bulgarian rose, fresh lemon, star anise with a hint of madagascar vanilla.

Great in Bed® Magnetic Energy Body Fragrance contains magnetized water to reinvigorate your energy levels and good for your skin ingredients, making it softer, more supple while our beautiful fragrance oils delicately scent your skin from head to toe, while you sleep or stay awake!

Great in Bed® Body Fragrances were created to revolutionize fragrance that work day and night to promote great scents, great rest™, great energy and great bedroom experiences. At House of Greatness® we believe fragrance matters both day and night and that the bedroom is our personal sanctuary where we revitalize, recoup, renew and dream about a great life.

Great in Bed® Body Fragrances are some of the most spectacular scents with unique properties that can be worn anytime. Collect them all, mix and match, create your great and….be Great in Bed®

Laws of Attraction - Magnetic Energy Body Fragrance


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