Our Story

i smell great® was born from the desire for a perfume line that did something different, radical, honest and simple. The hundreds of perfumes released every year offer the same thing, over and over. Trying to find a simple and pretty perfume has become almost impossible. Perfume departments have become daunting and overwhelming, turning perfume shopping into a shell game of sameness.

Randi Shinder changed the perfume landscape with her line of simple, clean and fresh perfumes, CLEAN®, out of her desire to simply smell good and to smell clean. CLEAN® was a unique, first-of-its kind fragrance meant to mimic the universal freshly showered feeling that we all love. As it became a top selling scent, Randi knew that the consumer felt as she did, and just wanted an honest product that did what it promised.

Randi then decided smelling good was, well, not good enough. Her passion for smelling good turned into something different… something “great”.  Her love of perfumes led her to take the great scents of our lives, and the scents of our memories, and to bottle them. Almost three years and many scents later, Randi knew she was on to something. Everyone who tried her perfumes loved them and found the scents “addictive!” They loved that they could play with these perfumes and create their own versions of Greatness.

ZT_fDmvwJyymVdI8egVzv7TozCbYAoTgiWpVzP1qGngAdding to Randi’s passion for this greatness is the skill and exuberance of Michael Nyman. As Chairman and CEO of PMK*BNC™, one of the largest and most influential communications, marketing and consultancy firms in the world of popular culture and entertainment, Michael Nyman has established himself as a leading authority with keen cultural insights in bridging the worlds of entertainment and brands. He knew that i smell great® was something the beauty and perfume world was ready for, and that consumers were waiting for the chance to smell great.

i smell great® was born, because shouldn’t we all smell great?