Do you test on animals?

No, i smell great™ products are not tested on animals.

Are your products hypo allergenic?

All of the i smell great™ products are gentle and contain skin pampering ingredients. However, to be safe, the best practice is to perform a patch test on a small area of skin with the i smell great™ products.

Are your products all natural?

No. Contrary to what many “all natural” beauty companies would have you believe, natural is not always better! Petroleum is natural, and so is formaldehyde, but we know that doesn’t make them better. The world’s largest governing and regulating body of the fragrance industry, the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has banned the use of many natural fragrance ingredients due to the high incidence of allergic reactions. Most natural perfume ingredients are food and plant based, and these ingredients can cause the same reactions on skin as they do in the air and when ingested. i smell great™ uses scent molecules created under strict and sterile laboratory conditions that have been shown to be safe and gentle, while mimicking the beautiful scents of the things we love.

How do I make my fragrance last longer?

i smell great™ products contain our micro encapsulated scent spheres™, which help our fragrances linger and last longer when used on their own. The best way to ensure that you can enjoy your fragrance experience even longer is to “layer” your i smell great™ products. Start with the Body Whip, then a light misting of Wellness Water Mist, add a few spritzes of Hair Mist to your hair, then finally, add i smell great™ eau de parfum for a total, head to toe perfume experience!

Where should I apply fragrance?

Traditional locations for application include behind the ears and on the pulse points of the neck and the wrists, behind the knees and on the ankles. Spray perfume at the nape of the neck, and on the top of the arms, as perfume will cling to hair as well. It is recommended to apply scent directly to the skin to allow the fragrance to blend with one’s chemistry as well as subtlety emit scent when warmed by the body.

What is an ancillary product?

An ancillary product is an item scented to match its namesake fragrance exactly and is used to layer and intensify the scent, but is also excellent to wear on its own. i smell great™ ancillaries are available in the form of lotions, body mists, and hair mists.

What is the difference between parfum, eau de parfum & eau de toilette?

These terms refer to the concentration of the actual perfume oil in a scent. Parfums are the strongest strength with approximately 25% of essential oils. Eau de Parfum are the midrange strength consisting of 10-20% and Eau de Toilette are the lightest strength meaning that these scents contain the least amount of essential oils with a range of 5-15%. i smell great™ fragrances are Eau de Parfum, as well as containing our micro encapsulated scent spheres™, which help our fragrances linger and last longer.

Can I combine different fragrances?

Yes! i smell great™ perfumes are designed to be worn on their own, or worn layered. Layering i smell great™ perfumes allows you to have your own custom scent and to Create Great!

Can I combine different fragranced ancillary products?

Combining different i smell great™ ancillary products is a great way to Create Great! Using one perfume, with another Wellness Water Mist, Body Whip or Hair Mist allows you to add gentle and subtle touches of greatness to your i smell great™ experience, with a flip of your hair or a soft caress of your skin.