Customer Testimonials

“Just received my order. They all smell great but wild honey is Awesomeness!!!! I literally want to bathe in it. I will be ordering more products ASAP!”

– Casi Pinch. Instagram @casicheramie

 “The Wild Honey perfume from I smell great is heavenly. A lot of perfumes can smell syrupy but these smell natural & pure”

Beth Holler. Twitter & Instagram @bethholler

“So I spent all morning running errands and I come home to this my @ismellgreat samples. I’m so excited to try these AMAZING SCENTS out. I’m thankful for the AMAZING partnership of @sophiabush @randijoy6 together these women would make #greatness and we’ll all smell FABULOUS. I can’t wait to try the #BeachBabe hair fragrance next. And I got a coupon which is even better.”

Jessica Kirby. Instagram @jess_kirby93

“Beach Babe is my favorite because it perfectly encompasses that wonderful smell of sunscreen and salty air after playing on the beach all day.”

 Noël Breaux. Instagram @noelelaineoth

“The only perfume I wear is one from I Smell Great that goes in your hair and smells like a day at the beach (which is some combination of salt water, coconut cream, and suntan lotion that I can’t quite put my finger on). I sometimes even bring it with me to the beach.”

Johnie Gall. Instagram @dirtbagdarling

GUYS THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE GREATEST SMELLING SCENTS EVER!!! @randijoy6 and @sophiabush have given us scents that seriously smell great and the smells literally make me smile, the smells are just so warm, sweet, and cozy! These two powerful women are changing the world of perfume! @ismellgreat I ordered the sample pack to help me decide which one to order, and when I got it I was even more undecided because they smell so good! Beach Babe and Candy Crush are my favorites. I can’t wait for my order to get here this week! To say I’m excited is an understatement”

Makenzi Love. Instagram @kenzilove0803

‪”@SophiaBush‪ and @ismellgreatinc, I got my goodies and I’m already obsessed!!!! ‬‪You guys are the best!! #IsmellGreat‬”

Becca Bialosk. Twitter @becca_marie21