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Thirsty Thursday’s – Wild Honey Style

The Bee’s Knees Cocktail With the weekend on its way and summer following in its footsteps, it’s time to celebrate! Today, we are sharing a cocktail recipe that is an ode to our delicious Wild Honey fragrance and the wild honey babe in all of you! So prep your lips, tousle your hair with greatness, and oh honey, be prepared to get a little wild…  *photo by Jennifer Rose Smith for Camille Styles The Bee’s Knees is a light and refreshing 1920’s classic that features gin, fresh lemon, honey simple syrup, and orange.  The name of the cocktail is slang […]

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Layering Your Hair Fragrances to Create #Great

i smell great co-founder, Sophia Bush has always had a love affair with fragrance. As a little girl, she recounts memories of wearing her mom’s perfume and saving the scent strips in magazines to create her own unique combinations. With summer in the air, Sophia has become addicted to our Beach Babe hair fragrance, which is also the perfect base when mixing with other scents. “It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about i smell great, because our scents are intentionally meant to be layered,” Sophia says. Tips for Layering Hair Fragrances: Step 1:  Choose Your First Scent – […]

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Sophia Bush Joins the i smell great Team!

It’s official! Actress, Sophia Bush and her i smell great® co-founder, Randi Shinder are partners. Together, they will work to bring innovation to the beauty space and to empower women to create their own versions of #greatness. “Working with Randi is a dream come true, I’m incredibly excited.  She’s just the coolest woman around with the most wonderful set of priorities. Everything with our company is based on new and leading technology – from the scent spheres to the extractions,” said Sophia. Sophia fell in love with Randi’s first company, CLEAN® Perfume and has enjoyed watching her build brand after brand ever […]

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