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6 Tips to Feeling #Great This Summer!

What does Greatness mean to you? We like to think about it as stepping into our best selves, accepting who we are but always striving to do and feel better! So, get ready to maintain the greatness all summer long with our simple guide to feeling great:

1. Choose your mantra. Wake up with a mantra and repeat it several times throughout the day. You can even say it out loud for added greatness! We have shared two of our favorites and would also love to hear from you! What words of wisdom motivate you?


2. Create your Signature Scent! Practice layering our eau de parfum in different scents to create your own versions of greatness! There’s nothing more empowering than wearing something that truly represents YOU. Smell great, feel great!

“I love to #CreateGreat by mixing my two favorite summer scents!
#Beach Babe + #WildHoney = #WildBabe!” ~ Sophia Bush, co-founder

3. Get Active. Do something outdoors! Ride your bike to the grocery store, spend time working in the garden, or even take a walk around the block. Get your blood pumping with greatness every day!

4. Soak up Safe Sun. Sunlight can boost your serotonin (good mood) levels, so smooth on some SPF and finish with a healthy spritz of our Angel Cake Wellness Water Mist. With soothing aloe and purified water, your skin will stay hydrated and happy all day!

5. Spend time with Positive People. Surround yourself by people who lift you up, inspire and encourage you. Remember, Positive vibes = Positive life!

6. Treat yourself. Buy yourself flowers, take a day off, eat ice cream, or choose your next i smell great goodie …whatever it is, take time to “do you!”

Now it’s your turn! What tips & tricks do you use to feel great? Share with us in the comments section below: