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4 Beauty Hacks for our Global #BeachBabes!

Beach weather is still sweeping much of the world and we want you to take advantage of the summer rays as long as you can! Make sure to get in those final beach days in style and avoid the pesky problems that seem to pop up right when we are ready to bare it all. Take a look at our favorite beauty hacks to keep you feeling #great long after the sun goes down…


Hack #1- Achieve silky and nick-free beach legs

Coat the blades of your razor in olive oil and shave away. After, add a few spritzes of our beach babe wellness water mist to soften and scent your skin. Viola!

Hack #2- Hydrate Your Smile

With long days in the sun, often comes dry, cracked lips. No more! Apply a layer of our beach babe reactive lush lip on top of your sunscreen-protected lips to give them some hydration and shine!

Hack #3- Get the sand off your skin

Toss some baby powder in your beach bag, sprinkle on your skin and watch the sand come right off! Afterwards, make sure to add a little beach babe soft body whip to your legs and arms for a smooth final touch.

Hack #4- Freeze Aloe Vera gel in ice cube trays to treat a sunburn

We all know the soothing benefits of Aloe Vera but have you ever frozen yours in an ice cube tray? Simply pop out of the freezer and rub over tender skin for extra relief!

Hope you enjoyed our beachy tips! Now we want to hear from you. What beauty hacks are your favorites?