Monthly Archives: December 2014

Holiday Greatness

For such a great season—twinkly lights, cozy fires, baking treats—the holidays have a way of challenging our own personal greatness. It’s like being the perfect mom/friend/daughter/coworker/sister/partner you are the rest of the year, but on steroids. When I have zero time for myself, something as simple as an effortless product that really works is the real mother’s little helper. That’s the beauty of i smell great. I put it on in the morning, layer different scents according to how I feel and what I have planned for the day, and that’s it! The scents take me from work to holiday […]

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Extracting Greatness

When we decided to revolutionize perfume by bottling greatness, we thought back to our favorite memories — Valentine’s Day cuddling with our crush, salty beach breezes streaming through hair, indulging in yummy treats… Today’s fragrance market is oversaturated with brands that have ridiculous, odd notes or are cloying copycats of hit scents. So we made it our mission to create simple, straightforward fragrances that take the beloved aromas of our memories and make them something we can wear and love now. We came up with what we call “true extraction” to do just that. We work with our master perfumers, […]

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anatomy of a great lip gloss

Asking me to choose my favorite product is like asking me to choose between my kids! While it’s just not possible to pick only one, reactive lush lip was a super special labor of love because it was inspired by another one of my babies, LipFusion. The thing is, I always love to push the envelope—even if it’s my own envelope! So I’m absolutely thrilled that everyone who tries lush lip says it’s “delicious” and “addictive.” They love it as much as I do. What makes it so amazing? Just like LipFusion, we started with uber-effective ingredients, a magical blend […]

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