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the new signature scent: eight beauty-junkie secrets for making a fragrance your own

A signature scent is the Holy Grail for anyone who cares about perfume. I wanted i smell great to be fun, so we designed each fragrance for easy mixing and matching—like a sensory wardrobe. You dress for yourself, and that’s how you should treat the aromas you put on your body too. It has to be a special fit for you. For tips about how to go on a personal scent quest, keep reading! 1)    LOOK OUT, WORLD Applying fragrance should make you feel confident and ready for anything. When playing perfume mixologist, go with smells that evoke the best […]

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Where Greatness Begins

Even when I was little, my mom used to call me “the nose.” That acute sense of smell gave me a lifelong passion that made me a fragrance entrepreneur. After listening to the many women who share my desire for a product that lives up to its promises, I set out on a mission. It took some time (a three-year labor of love to be exact) and today I’m beyond thrilled to introduce a new brand that truly embodies greatness: i smell great™. What makes i smell great™ so great? It starts with you. I want all women to have […]

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